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Liaison – “Your Partner for Success”

  • Advocate: Support and Protect Client Interests

  • Communicate: Between Client, Contracted Services, Inspectors & Vendors

  • Manage: Oversee All Phases of Project for Client

  • Resolve Problems: Review Options and Take Corrective Action

  • Customer Satisfaction: Fulfill Client Needs and Expectations with Regard to Time Deadlines and Budget

Construction Management

               Pre-Construction Stage

  • Cost and Budget Planning

  • Master Scheduling

  • Operational Planning

  • Bidding Process for All Contracted Services

  • Technology Coordination

              Construction Stage

  • On-Site Management

  • Cost and Budget Management

  • Schedule Realization

  • Document Control

  • Quality Assurance

               Post-Construction Stage

  • Finalize Pay Documents

  • Assemble Record Drawings and Plans

  • Manage Punch list Completion

  • Facilitate Owner Move-in and Start-up

  • Ensure Contractor Close-out

Corporate Relocation

  • Space and Office Planning

  • Budget Control and Cost Management

  • Bidding Process for All Contracted Services

  • On-Site Management and Move Coordination

  • Quality Assurance and Client Acceptance

Checklist for
Prescreening Contractors

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What Seniors Should Know Before Hiring   A Contractor

Choosing A 
Landscape Contractor

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