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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need TLC Solutions Group?

TLC’s involvement ensures peace of mind to its client. Our approach to construction, renovation, tenant improvements and relocation projects is one of kind. Normally, each step in the process requires dealing with a different set of professionals: general contractors, subcontractors (plumbers, electricians, security, fire safety, telecom, data, HVAC, millwork, glazers, tile, flooring, concrete, etc), property managers, architects, inspectors, movers, vending and so on. Selecting the right services to work with can be challenging, while communicating with and managing them can be time consuming and daunting.

How is TLC different?

We serve as a liaison between the client and contracted services.  Our liaison role provides a single point of contact supported by a team to handle every aspect of a project. Although licensed as a general contractor, we don’t serve as the general contractor in most cases. TLC is the industry skilled advocate working on behalf of the client to ensure contractors and other hired professionals execute their portion of the project on time and in a cost effective manner.

How can TLC add value to my project?

TLC steps into your shoes to handle every aspect so you don’t have to. We consult with and help make key decisions which ultimately save valuable time and money. In addition, we take the guess work out of choosing who to work with. We have a network of reputable, reliable companies and professionals highly skilled in their specialty. We match the appropriate service with the needs of each project.

How is TLC different than a general contractor?

We work with the client to select reliable general and subcontractors, participate in decision making, advocate on your behalf and oversee all work that is done to ensure quality and completion.

Aren’t you competing with general contractors for business?

No, general contractors are still hired to execute portions of the project that require such involvement. In most cases, large scale projects are multifaceted and entail other services in addition to general contractors.

Why do clients love TLC?

We take the headache out of dealing with large scale projects by taking an active role by daily hands on management of various aspects so you don’t have to. You, the client, are free to go about your job and business with minimal interruption. Not skilled in construction industry speak, builder inspector code or IT and telecommunication technology requirement? We are. TLC will help you make informed decisions, thus saving you time, money and potential future problems.

Why do general contractors, and other professionals value TLC?

They embrace our involvement because it makes their job easier. We partner with them to ensure mutual client satisfaction. They are able to communicate with TLC, another licensed professional, who understands the project from their prospective. Because TLC has the authorization to act on behalf of the client, questions and concerns are addressed immediately allowing the project to move forward eliminating unnecessary and costly delays.

How TLC does charge for services?

Typically, we work on an agreed upon hourly rate for pre-project consulting and project management execution. For large scale projects, it is often difficult to accurately determine how much time will be involved. Whether it is two hours a day or eight, we only bill for time actually spent working on your project.

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